Even with digital, I still approach photography the same way I did with film.  My purpose is to capture my objective without waste, without roll after roll to develop.



I suppose this is the place where I refer to myself in the 3rd person with my achievements and accolades.

Codis' love for the art of photography and story telling began a long time ago.  He is simply pursuing his passion until the day he dies.

Oh and I, I mean, HE, is based in Los Angeles, CA.


My professional career began as an Art Director for a modeling agency in South Beach.  I took my knowledge and skill set from booking models and coordinating productions for our clients and struck out on my own to pursue photography full time.

The best end product for a client can only be achieved by a talented team working together for the same goal.  I have had the utmost pleasure over the years of collaborating with incredibly talented makeup artists, stylists, art directors, and models.

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